Scitech Airon – Negative Ion Generator

Today the world is facing a devastatingly serious threat of Corona Virus and WHO has declared this as a Pandemic alerting all the countries all over the globe. The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases is increasing day by day with everyday new cases being reported. The civic authorities are doing everything possible in order to educate the citizens and provide them with medical facilities in order to deal with this deadly outbreak of virus. The Spread of this infectious COVID 19 virus in hospitals and several common public places can be most significant which poses a big threat to the medial system. In many situations there is a need for a pathogen-and particle-free environment, e.g. in operation wards, environments for immunosuppressed patients as well as for patients with serious allergies.

With an aim to join hands against COVID 19 with doctors and the Government, Scitech Park has come up with Scitech Airon – Negative Ion Generator.

The technology has been developed under the NIDHI PRAYAS program initiated by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India by one of the incubatee companies of Scitech Park, Pune. Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator is an effective solution for controlling air Pollution and killing disease causing viruses and bacteria which generates negatively charged ions at approximately hundred millions per second of emission rate which form clusters around positively charged microparticles such as airborne mold, corona or influenza viruses, mite allergens, bacteria and render them inactive through a chemical reaction.

Science and Technology Park, Pune provided four ‘Scitech Airon – Negative Ion Generator’ machines on Friday, 20th March, 2020 to Naidu Hospital, Pune where the first quarantine facility had been created in Pune.

The project has been supported by Finolex Pipes, Pune and their CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation, Pune under their CSR activity.

Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator would really help in tackling the corona virus positive cases, suspects and would also ensure the wellbeing of the staff, doctors and nurses who are working in the quarantine facilities in Pune by enhancing their disease resistance power and ability to fight the virus.