Training Facilities

NET Nodal Center


A nodal center has been set up at Sangamner which has class room and laboratories. The classroom is well equipped and has modern teaching aids like screen and projector with built-in computer and speaker.

The laboratories have various demo as well as working models in renewable energy.

1. Working Modules of:

  • Solar box type cooker
  • Small wind mill
  • Electricity generation through solar energy – solar photovoltaic
  • Solar water heater
  • Parabolic reflectors 2 and 3 dimensional
  • Biomass cook stove
  • Solar panels
  • Solar based led lighting

2. Solar Thermal

  • Box type solar cooker
  • Parabolic solar concentrator
  • Evacuated Tube Collector type solar water heater
  • Low cost solar concentrators (refurbished using Dish antenna)

3. Solar Photo voltaic

  • Various size solar photovoltaic panels
  • Solar PV powered home lighting system
    • 20W solar panels with 3W LED lamp (2 systems)
    • 5W solar panel with 2 LED lamps (2 systems)
    • 40W Solar panel with 12W LED Street Lamp (1 system)

4. 300W micro wind energy generator

5. Energy efficient stoves

  • Natural air draft (4 no.s)
  • Forced air draft (4 no.s)

6. Biomass pelletiser (60kg/hr capacity)

7. Biogas 1 Cum capacity

8. Biogas – household working model

9. Energy efficient lighting systems

  • LED tube lights (8W & 18W)
  • LED down lighters (20W)
  • LED Panel (24W)
  • LED lanterns
  • CFL lanterns

Regional Training Centers


Training activities were conducted at three locations,

  1. NET Skill Nodal Center, Sangamner;
  2. Nature Interpretation Center, Chandanapuri and
  3. Advocate M. N. Deshmukh College, Rajur.