Specialized Mapping Initiatives

Scitech Park, has taken up various exciting mapping projects involving species based mapping exercise, claim settlement through time series satellite data and producing it as an untampered proof, evaluating the potential of an area as a site suitability analysis. Apart from this we have been engaged in generating both digital and vectorised land use and land cover maps using satellite images from medium to very high resolution data.


Scitech Park is closely working with Municipal Corporations and Urban Local Bodies to collect, collates and create GIS database for various municipal departments. GIS enablement of the city municipal system has enhanced decision making process, smooth, transparent and effective with high degree of sensibility and ownership for different spatial and aspatial municipal records.

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Government of India announced a National level scheme for slum dwellers and the urban poor named as Rajiv AwasYojana (RAY), aimed at creating a Slum Free India by providing support to states to assign property rights to slum dwellers. Apart from this the program acts for providing slum dwellers basic amenities to the level available in the city and readdress the failures of the previous system that leads to the creation of slums.

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Field based survey using modern surveying instruments has helped us in demarcating boundary and establishing pillars as and where necessary. Need based land demarcation projects was taken up for Government and Private Bodies.Based on the requirements temporary bench marking was done and later pillars were established.

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