Scitech Jaldoot

Phase – I


Scitech Park, Pune has started implementation of the programme “Scitech Jaldoot “ in two villages namely Dolhara and Sakhari in Mokhada Taluka of Palghar District, Maharashtra. This project has been supported by ECGC Ltd. Mumbai under their CSR activity. Both the villages are remote tribal villages with approximately 300-350 households each having a population ranging from 1200-1400.These areas receive quite high rainfall but due to the terrain and soil condition water retention is very poor due to which these villages face acute water scarcity during the summer months. They are mostly dependent on tankers from March till June every year for their sustenance. Before implementing the project, Scitech team carried out the site survey, identification of surface water sources, water sampling and analysis etc.

Scitech Park through its Scitech Jaldoot vehicles provide clean safe water for drinking and cooking at doorstep to the villagers initially to Dolahara and Sakhari and at later stage some more remote villages who face the same problem. On 26th September 2015, 02 ‘Scitech Jaldoot’ vehicles were launched in Dolhara and Sakhari Villages. Local drivers were identified and trained to operate and maintain the vehicles in both the villages on a daily basis with an average of almost 4000 litres of water being distributed in both the villages. 

Phase – II


After the successful launch of ‘Scitech Jaldoot’ Phase-I project at Sakhari and Dolhara village of Mokhada Taluka, ‘Scitech Jaldoot’ Phase-II project was launched on 24th August, 2016 in another 6 remote tribal villages of Mokhada Taluka of Palghar District, Maharashtra. Six ‘Scitech Jaldoot’ vehicles were handed over to the respective Jaldoot drivers who are local unemployed youths from Nilmati, Morchundi, Pawarpada, Dhamanshet, Palsunde and Koldyacha Pada villages of Mokhada tehsil. An average of almost 9000 litres of water is being distributed in both the villages.