Seed Support System (SSS) For Start-Ups In Incubators

Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India provides financial assistance to STEPs and TBIs for the much needed early stage financial assistance to be provided to deserving ideas and technologies. It helps the young firms to survive and grow by providing specialized support services during the critical period of a business venture i.e. the start-up phase. This would enable some of these innovative ideas/technologies to graduate to a level where they can then be fit for seeking normal lending commercial banks /FI’s route in their way to the successful commercialization process. Thus the proposed assistance is positioned to act as a bridge between development and commercialization of technologies.

Incubatee companies under Seed Support System


Founder: Mr. Jaywant Mahajan

Thrust Area: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Profile: GetMy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an incubatee company which is working in the field of renewable energy based innovative products and technologies. This company has developed Lithium Phosphate based lighting systems, ultracapacitor based lighting systems – home and street lighting, ultracapacitor based home power system, efficient human powered charging systems, solar based power systems, electric vehicle kits for 2 wheelers and low cost solar & battery based mobile and laptop charging system. It already has a patent filed for portable computing device configured as a vehicle infotainment device.


Founder: Mr. Kapil Chandrakant Shelke

Thrust Area: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Profile: Lycan Electric Pvt. Ltd. is into design and manufacture of India’s first electric motorcycle, electric moped, electric automobiles etc.


Founder: Mr. Rajeev Ranadive

Thrust Area: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Profile: This company has been into automotive engineering from concept to development of car prototypes, testing and validation, system engineering expertise in engines, transmissions and electric drive systems.The incubatee company has developed and intends to manufacture “electric drive kit” for converting petrol/diesel engine powered 4×4 cars to run on batteries (full electric drive).


Founders: Mr. Ulhas Bodhankar and Mr. Sumit Seth

Thrust Area: IT/ITES

Profile: Numbaa Virtual Private Limited is working on a communication platform which will enable digital communication to reach every Indian and will transform the way email is used. A single digital communication identity for all virtual communication needs. The end of email system as we know it today.


Founder: Mr. Amit Shitole

Thrust Area: Mobile Computing

Profile: The name Omni-Bridge Systems is rooted on a meaning “Bridging Solutions for all” as the hyphen “-“ bridges the two words “Omni” and “Bridge”. Established in 2003, Omni-Bridge Systems has successfully provided software solutions to various satisfied customers. At Omni-Bridge Systems, a conscious attempt is made to incorporate the unique attributes found in both large and small organizations. The talent, infrastructure and processes are at par with the professional companies of reckonable size. There is no redundancy, that massive marketing and management fat which is generally associated with a bulky organization. Instead, we have the energy, efficiency and commitment that is typical of a technology start-up. Indeed, most of Omni-Bridge growth has come not from scouting by top notch marketing professionals, but from the time-tested basic principle of retaining existing clients and growing along with them.


Founders: Mr. Kumar Majethia and Mr. J. Joshi.

Thrust Area: Open Source and Open Platform

Profile: Founded in 2006 by highly experienced and motivated technocrats, Probity Soft Pvt. Ltd. is a pure e-Governance Products & Services Company. They have a comprehensive e-Governance Suite that comprises Software Applications and Mobile Applications tailor made for Municipal Corporations, Smart Cities, Public Works Management, Housing and Security departments. Built over Free Open Source Software platforms, these applications address the day-to-day information, transaction processing and decision support requirements of Administrators, Legislators and Citizens.


Founder: Mr. Kunal Karnik

Thrust Area: Education

Profile: A technology that can actually deliver on the promise of enabling business professionals to get more done in less time — at a fraction of the cost. Much like e-mail, instant messaging, and faxing, Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd facilitates the remote communication of two or more people in real time. First, Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd is interactive–you can see and talk to someone as if you were in the video call and work jointly together on documents, exchange information, and more. Second, Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd can ensure complete confidentiality of conversations and data at all times.


Founder: Mr. Prabhat Arya

Thrust Area: Pharma and Biotechnology

Profile: SignMod is building a highly unique, natural product-inspired macrocyclic toolbox for challenging “undruggable” targets related to protein-protein, DNA-protein-protein interactions, transcription and translation machinery. Through utilizing various tools and skill-sets, such as, patient-derived tumorspheres and organoids, high-throughput primary phenotypic/pathway-based screens, RNA sequencing, RT-PCR and western blots, we develop chemical biology approaches with the goals to addressing key questions including the precise information about the target affected by a small molecule. At present, our cancer drug discovery program is focused on K-Ras, c-Myc and Wnt pathways.

In addition to utilizing our chemical toolbox and patient-derived banking platforms in our research programs, we also share these with others through various collaborative business models.


Founder: Mr. Manish Pungliya

Thrust Area: Pharma and Biotechnology

Profile: Focuses on specialized genomic products and services. It is one of the pioneer centers in the nation to carry out specialized genetic tests. The AyuScreen CVD test looks for variations in specific genes involved in various processes of cardiovascular health. Combining these genetic results with a person’s clinical, dietary, and life style information will result in better management of cardiovascular disease.


Founders: Mr. Ajit Gadgil and Mr. Abhijit Datar

Thrust Area: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Profile: The only company having plastic Pyrolysis Plants From 50 Kg onwards, G.D. Environmental Pvt. Ltd., a green approach company is working extensively in field of waste management, waste oil recycling, e–waste management etc. Plastic waste to oil being the latest addition.


Founder: Mr. Ganesh Suryawanshi

Thrust Area: IT/ITES

Profile: Combat Robotics India Pvt. Ltd. is a defense startup with a vision to create robots that Empower and Enhance human abilities with focus on Innovation, Integration and Commercialization of High Endurance, Reliable and Rugged User-Friendly Robots reducing risk of life and Gathering Intelligence and Empowering Forces with Combat ready Unmanned Robotic Systems.


Founder: Mr. Gopal Marathe

Thrust Area: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Profile: Diverso Power System Private Limited entered the battery operated E-rickshaw Segment with a single minded objective of providing Eco Friendly, cost effective, very economical public transportation, with wide range of Battery operated E-Rickshaw Passenger, E-Rickshaw Loader, Solar E-Rickshaw, and Hex Power Batteries.


Founder: Mr. S. Viraraghavan

Thrust Area: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Profile: Green Joules Pvt Ltd work with a bouquet of technologies and can work with different types of Renewable wastes to find a customized solution per waste type. A custom set of process conditions that enable fuel to have a far smaller carbon footprint as compared to ethanol and biodiesel. Drop-in Biofuels from Agro wastes and renewable waste from Agro Processing Industries-that can be used in blends with High Speed Diesel.

Seed Support by Technology Development Board, Govt. of India

The Government of India constituted the Technology Development Board (TDB) in September 1996, as per the provisions of the Technology Development Board Act, 1995. The Act enables creation of a Fund for Technology Development and Application to be administered by TDB. It provides financial assistance in the form of grant to Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) and Science & Technology Entrepreneur Park (STEPs). Seed Support System by TDB is for providing financial assistance as seed support for start-ups in the Institution as a growth oriented initiative between the Board and the Institution.

TDB provides seed support assistance to Science and Technology Park, Pune for startups present in the incubator to incubate innovative technological ideas and to graduate them to successful commercialization. The grant is meant to support the start-ups primarily for product development, testing & trials, test marketing, mentoring, professional consultancy, filing patents, manpower and other area as deemed necessary.

Incubatee companies under TDB Seed Fund


Founder: Mr. Sameer Gokhale

Thrust Area: Electronics and Telecommunications

Profile: Photonics is an advanced technology that  overcomes the limitations of electronics in many crucial application areas like Telecommunication, Bio medical, LED lighting, Laser Displays and Solar Energy. Photonics technology involves collaborative study of physics, maths and electronics over and above core photonics. This company specializes in photonics specially in imparting training programmes to students and professionals. Photonics Education Kits contain hands on approach to using photonics mini laboratory or tool kit. These training programmes designed by Jampot provides practical exposure to photonics hardware, optoelectronics, ray optics, light experiments using LEDs and also photonic integrated circuit design techniques using state of art simulation softwares.


Founder: Mr. Milind Prabhakar Kshirsagar

Thrust Area: Education

Profile: The company is working in nanotechnology field for lithium ion batteries. It aims to bring and develop new nano tech products in India and market the same globally. “Mind to Market” is the major product development/service offering based target of the company. Distribution network for these products is already been initiated in countries like Africa, Latin America, Brazil, West Indies etc.


Founder: Mr. Santosh Khanse

Thrust Area: Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

Profile: SRKW Bio Innovation Pvt Ltd is into processing garden wastage and manufacturing green energy like briqquette and pellets, coir and cocopeat. The dehydrator will be used to process garden waste and manufacture green energy like briqqette and pellets, coir, cocopeat.