The skill training in developing country like India is still the traditional way with age old skill sectors. The new and emerging technology skills are restricted to a certain class of youth and are not available to the most deprived, under privileged class of the society, especially from the remote/backward areas of the country. The marginalized and vulnerable sections and more particularly the adolescents and youth of this section are severely disadvantaged for acquiring these skills for reaping the opportunities offered by the new knowledge economy. These youth deserve a better, new technology skills recovery passage, to jumpstart their career paths, into new growth trajectories, into the future.

The project was designed with specific objective of imparting skill training to the under privileged youth from the remote/backward areas in the new emerging sectors which will give them better opportunity of livelihood as well as self employment in the society.









Project Sponsors

The project, ‘Incubating New Emerging Technology (Net) Skills by Creating Sustainable Models of Net Skill Packages’ is funded by European Union, under the support to Civil Society Organizations in Development, for in-country interventions in Vocational Education and Training for vulnerable and marginalized groups in India. The project was also supported by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

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Implementing Partners

The project is being implemented by three institutions of National repute, implementing the project in the remote and backward areas of three different states of India.

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Tiruchirappalli Regional Engineering College
Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park

Science and Technology Park, Pune

Vivekanand Institute of Biotechnology,  Nimpith

Broad Trade Area: Renewable Energy

An innovative, practical oriented and market competent curriculum is developed. The training sessions would be carried out for the following topics

  • Solar and Wind Energy Based Appliances and their Maintenance for Rural Application.
  • Biomass based Cooking Fuel and Energy Efficient Cook-stoves - Manufacturing and Maintenance.
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